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Refinancing can be a Stress-free experience if you choose the right company

August 11th, 2019 3:08 PM by Steven Hofberg

Dear Friends:

Remember when refinancing your mortgage was an endless mass of documents and closing packages that were sometimes north of 100 pages? Not so much anymore. With document imaging and digital signatures, the mortgage process is now more streamlined than ever. RMC is constantly increasing our use of technology and our clients are enjoying the benefits.

At a recent closing, a client told Margie that she was so happy with the ease and lack of stress throughout the entire process. In her situation, she had recently gone through a separation and equity buyout, so having that part of her life in decent shape certainly took away a great deal of stress. She said the last thing she wanted to go through now was endless paperwork for a refinance. But there was substantial money to be savedabout $300 per month. So she took the plunge and to her surprise and delight, the process was smooth and not at all stressful.

If refinancing seems like a steep climb to you, give us a chance to show you the most efficient and low-stress process, allowing you to focus on the financial benefits that will be the result.

Steven H Hofberg, Operations Manager

Residential Mortgage Center Inc

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Posted by Steven Hofberg on August 11th, 2019 3:08 PM


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