On this page you can look at some of the rates we are currently offering.1 Feel free to call one of our loan officers, or you can complete an online application2 today!

Note - Generally we quote rates with 0 net points to the borrower. If points are shown, NEGATIVE points (with a minus sign) are CREDITS to the borrower.  Positive Points are CHARGED to the borrower.

Current posted rates are in effect as of 01/06/2021 10:54:29 AM Central Time.


30YR Conforming Fixed Rate
RatePointsAPRLock Days
The APR is calculated using a loan amount of $400,000 and these typical fees.

30YR Conforming High Balance Fixed Rate
RatePointsAPRLock Days
The APR is calculated using a loan amount of $650,000 and these typical fees.

15YR Conforming Fixed Rate
RatePointsAPRLock Days
The APR is calculated using a loan amount of $420,000 and these typical fees.


Rate Locks are available only after a complete application has been submitted and accepted; additional conditions may apply. So get started right away!  To begin the process, Click on Loan Application, enter your information and click Submit. Once we receive your information from our secure server, we will contact you right away. We look forward to talking with you soon!

1Rates are subject to change without notice. Your rate may be different.  Cash-out refinances, condominium units and investment units, for example, carry higher rates.

2Although called an "online application" it is an abbrieviated form and is not a Mortgage Loan Application as defined by TILA the Truth In Lending Act. A formal application can only be made through one of our Loan Officers and is not considered a complete Mortgage Loan Application unless it includes, among other requirements, a full 3-bureau credit report for each applicant.

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